It happened when a producer was searching for a compatible voice and songwriter online and found what he was looking for. The two artists, Carl and Erika conversed about visions and ideas online, without meeting for more or less a year. Despite this, the act Swim emerged. 

Swim are mixing chill-wave with heavy basslines, soothing vocals and soft melodic guitars which together create something new and innovative in the scope of electronic music. Their music has been showcased on P3, BBC and been a hot topic of discussion on social media. Swim’s first single “Next to Me” won the first place of best songs of 2015 in DN’s ranking. 

They create music is that is made for your late evenings, moments of solitude and when driving along the seaside. The sound can be described as dreamy and accessible on one hand with dark and intimidating aesthetics on the other. With the elements of home-made masks they create something unexpected, so let’s see what Swim got in store for Malmö and Backyard Sessions in less than a week!