Simina Grigoriu

(Berlin, Germany)


Born in Romania and raised in Toronto, Simina Grigoriu has called Berlin home for several years.While taking classical violin and keyboard lessons in her early childhood, Simina’s enthusiasm for music grew steadily. From the vinyl treasures of her parents and the Hip-Hop freestyle of her student days, Simina’s sound gradually took on a style all its own, which she has explored and remained faithful to till this day.

Her musical development would later take on a whole new twist in the clubs of Toronto. The influence of Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Josh Wink, and Juan Atkins, to name a few, kindled Simina’s love for techno music – a genre whose versatility captured her imagination, and which she would not be able to pull herself away from.

The debut album EXIT CITY on Susumu was followed by releases on various labels including the Malmö based HMWL with Hop Scotch EP that included a Per Hammar remix. In 2016 she launched her very own fine techno imprint Kuukou records hosting talented artists like Moe Danger, Martin Books and of course Simina herself.

Simina is one of the most down-to-earth people we know managing to balance the roles of a record label boss,  a heavily touring DJ and a mother in a zen-like fasion. Her closing set for Backyard Sessions 2016 was the one most praised by the crowd and we a looking very much forward hosting her once again for BYS XL 2017.