Sailor & I

(Stockholm, Sweden)


Swedish singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alexander
doesn’t fit most of the archetypes associated with electronic music. Under the moniker Sailor & I he mines a territory that brings to mind the melancholic, ambitious and richly orchestrated songwriting of Sigur Ros or Bon Iver, as much as the deep Balearic techno class of DJ-producers such as Solomun and Dixon.

And yet it’s all done in such a way that you’re liable to hear his
music crop up in the sets of unashamed populists like Pete Tong
and Eric Prydz. He is that rare creature, a serious, boundary-pushing producer who has the common touch.

Sailor & I’s reputation has been growing steadily since, with the Âme remix of ‘Turn Around’ on the respected Italian label
Life and Death sealing his reputation. Encompassing electronic dance and pop, Sjödin’s debut album The Invention of Loneliness showcases both his dancefloor credentials and his flair for  a memorable hook.

Amongst the stand out tracks 'Flickering Lights' mingles a
gradually building deep house pulse with widescreen atmospherics and grand sweeps of synthesized melody whilst the haunted pop of 'Fire on the Moon' contains something of Trentemøller's doomed orchestral techno majesty.

“This started as an indie band project, but now I’ve built a profile as an electronic act. In the future, though, it could go anywhere.” Alexander Sjödin concludes. To date Sjödin has played shows from Japan to Bukarest, Moscow to Ibiza, London to Paris. 
“The important thing is for me to be able to spend my time making music and delivering it to people. Until I know I’m playing at least 100 shows next year, I won’t be happy.”