Dominik Eulberg

Kornfeld 1.jpg

The raving ornithologist from the Westerwald is both an internationally acclaimed DJ and an observer of the Flora and Fauna, in quiescence, he is a master of reconciled contradictions. Just like the everchanging flora and fauna during the seasons Dominiks sound never halts to change. No shade of techno or house is out of his grasp, and he can weave together deep, hard, textural, emotive and/or angelic tropes depending on what the situation requires. Dominik aims at depicting his feelings through his acoustic image and uses the nature as an inspiration, a walk in the woods can turn into a blueprint for the music. A rustle in the leaves can turn into a hookline, just like a subtle synth can become the main feature of one of his moving productions. 

Besides having produced a plethora of standout 12”s he is also an avid remixer, having worked on nearly 100 projects with artists such as Hot Chip, Tiefschwarz, Nathan Fake, Roman Flügel and many more. Dominik has spent more than ten years in the game and is still as fresh as compelling as he ever was, much like the natural world in which he so passionately surrounds himself. As being one of the few having reconciled ornithology and techno successfully we are very excited to announce that Dominik Eulberg will be doing his thing at Backyard Sessions this year, so let’s show him our town from its best side!