Rey & Kjaviks sound can be described as new and old school at the same time, it’s house music with powerful, dark twists stemming from the hip-hop culture. Rey & Kjavik creates the vocals himself and the tracks convey a journey which can be seen as being the core of Rey & Kjavik as a whole. He released his first productions on Kindisch/Get Physical back in 2012 and since then much has happened. His remixes and EPs have been signed on Katermukke, Exploited and Compost to name a few. The journey also took Rey & Kjavik all the way through the desert to „The Kazbah“ at Burning Man and with these experiences he started to capture the spirit and unique atmosphere in his tunes. With the inspiration from the desert he created “Playa Sunset” which came to be one of the highlights of the album Rkadash. Rey & Kjavik understood that he was able to reach his fans on a deeper level, taking them on a journey involving mind, body and soul and we are excited to announce that Rey & Kjavik will have Malmö as a pit stop on his beautiful journey.