RAdio Ystadsgatan


Radio Ystadsgatan take over (+ secret guest)

They are a music-collective, but also co-bookers and co-promoters of Backyard Sessions this summer. Radio Ystadsgatan consists of the four DJ:s: Samson Tricep, Strömberg, Raj el Rey and Kom-pass.Their journey began last summer when Rasmus Strömberg moved in with Sam Fouladirad and brought a set of Pioneer players and a mixer with him. The two of them started to livestream their shenanigans and got very nice response friends, family and others. The shenanigans soon grew and became what today is Radio Ystadsgatan.

Their idea is simple; they book bigger DJs to gain publicity to Radio Ystadsgatan but also smaller, not even known DJs, to be be able to give them publicity. It is a win-win situation where they both take and give back. The aim is to show Sweden, and especially Malmö that there are so many good DJs out there even if they don't get any playtime at the clubs. DJing should be fun and if enough interest and a bit of talent is there - the sky's the limit.

Today Radio Ystadsgatan is a stable establishment where live episodes are broadcasted from the studio at FRANK Galleries and Studios in Malmö. They have had most of the collectives in Malmö as guests but also have booked names such as e.g. Britta Arnold (DE), Pete Oak (DK) and upcoming Ian Bang (DK) from the collective CPH DEEP from the other side of the Öresund bridge.

The next big thing cooking for them is a 4 hour long live session where 4 "bedroom" DJs get 1h playtime each. They are now in the process of listening through and choosing the four that they like the most out of the many mixes and sets that have been sent to them by people from all around Sweden and the world.

We are super excited to have Radio Ystadsgatan as co-bookers, so keep an eye out as one of their bookings will be released veeery soon…