Patrick siech & sandra mosh


These two DJs are known by many, loved by many and, most of us have danced to their tunes for many sweaty nights.

Patrick’s philosophy is built around focus and release, he masters the delicate art of balancing machine with just enough human interference to create magic. The quirk and unpredictability of his music is organized in a clever way which serves as hypnotization for the audience. Patrick began DJing in the late 90s in the South of Sweden and his music invites you to something which could be described as a tribal rite filled with bass, a feeling of togetherness and exclusiveness. Patrick released his first record in 2010 on the highly esteemed label Drumcode and has ever since collaborated with acts such as Minilogue and many more. In 2017 he dropped his second record on Parabel and has housed the dance floor in places such as the techno institution Berghain (where he played straight after Sandra Mosh).

Sandra Mosh began DJing in various venues in Sweden in 2008, in 2011 she got her own DJ-show every Friday night at Musikguiden i P3 and a year later she became a part of the editorial team of Elektroniskt in P2: a radio show focusing on electronic music. Besides being featured On Air frequently she is being booked to clubs in Sweden and overseas, has played festivals such as Sonar and KaZantrip, recorded a Boiler Room and started her own label MOSH Musik on which she so far has released two EP:s. 

In 2014 Patrick Siech and Sandra Mosh went on an Australia tour together and have created magic together many times before, in September they have added yet another pitstop to their journey: Backyard Sessions, so let’s celebrate their homecoming and their success with dancing and floating away to a techno-infused place filled with love.