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No matter if you started to go to techno parties in 2007 or in 2017, you will recognize Oxia’s signature track Domino. The track played a very important role in the evolution of electronic music bridging the gap between progressive trance and minimal techno when it was released back in 2006 on Kompakt.

But there is much more to Olivier Raymond’s musical journey as Domino was only the beginning for him. Raised in Grenoble (France) which was the playground of other artists like The Hacker and Miss Kittin and being the breeding place for house- and techno music in France long before the rise of the French House movement. Oxia got inspired and started more than 20 years ago with an endless list of productions on 8bit, Hot Creations, Knee Deep In Sound and of course his own label Diversions Music.

He released a fantastical Ambient Electronic / Deep House album ‘Tides of Mind’ featuring Miss Kittin and Mesparrow among other guest artists in 2012.
His recent remix of Moby’s ‘Why Does My Heart Feels So Bad’ left everyone in the scene breathless as Oxia proved once again that his music is timeless. 

His DJ sets are always adventurous trips, funky and melodic techno with some surprises here and there.
We are very happy to have him with us and we'll promise you that you won't be disappointed!