When two radically different worlds collide, something outstanding and magical can happen. It is a rarity, but it is the case with Motormännen. Think of the most mundane elements of bureaucracy meeting the trippy world of underground minimalistic beats and acidiy loops. Think of a world where legal texts aren’t dry, but a place where they make people dance away on dark dance floors.

Motormännen have been around for a while and they have created their own genre which they call informational techno. Their collection of releases is structured with vocals telling you about a specific topic, may it be the Swedish phenomenon of Systembolaget or Carl Bildt speaking put over deep minimalistic beats which speak to the primal part of the human brain mixed with sophisticated acidy loops which make you float away to a place of euphoria. Their music has evolved since the release in 2015 going from being 50/50 information and techno to becoming more techno. 

It’s smart, it’s witty, it’s well-produced and dance friendly. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. It’s motormännen. So Malmö, are you ready? Because we most definitely are!