It started out by Mika Forsling and Erik Rask playing with a loop pedal and guitar effects in a studio in Malmö in 2006. The sole aim and thought behind it was to have fun. The two of them soon got an invite to perform at the cabaret night of the circus school in Copenhagen and ideas for the concert started brewing; kitchenware and forgotten toys were elements discussed, and later on used. The concept kept on being developed after the gig and the idea of costumes and animated interactive video animations took shape, and the first show “Lur maskopi” was born. The concept continued taking further shape, and a second show “Disco Terror” which was supported by Riksteatern was born. “Disco Terror” included animations mixed with cameras, a new set of songs and costumes. Today, several shows and concepts later, LUR consists out of Mika Forsling, Erik Rask, Jenny Nilsson, Kajsa Bohlin, Olof Werngren, Åsa Gjerstad and Kerstin Weimers and many others who all chip in with creativity and groundbreaking ideas that create the irreplicable magic of LUR’s shows. 

LUR is a bit of everything, most probably not like anything you’ve ever seen. The shows are a mix between music and performance and the performance consists out of an eclectic mix out of live looped electronic music with bursting beats, live vivid video visuals, poetry, visionary vocals, otherworldly outfits and acrobatics. It is an unordinary music ritual presented by old friends to new friends, and on top of this the music calls for discobedience and dance. Those who have experienced LUR won’t forget about it in the first place, and those who haven’t, have missed out. LUR will add an unforgettable element to this year’s Backyard Sessions Festival, so let’s celebrate the beauty of merging eclectic elements with LUR’s latest show “Distorting patterns” and the beauty of Malmö! You really don’t want to miss out on this.