Loljud 1 - photo by Lisa Mårtensson.JPG

Lotta Fahlén is a Malmö based artist and producer, who in addition to her solo project Loljud, also composes music for other artists and for performance art. As a co-founder of the feminist network Synth Babes, as well as a mentor in the music production program Vem Kan Bli Producent Malmö, she is committed to inspire and educate women and transgender in music production and create a greater representation in the industry. 

Loljud, who has been compared to artists like The Knife, Björk and Sia, is recognised by her cross-artistic and unpredictable approach to electronic music. She’s opened for artists such as Titiyo, U.S Girls and Jenny Hval, and have played at festivals such as Nation of Gondwana and Fusion in Germany. As a collector of sounds she sifts through the world with a butterfly net. Water drops, radio static and alarm clocks get caught in her net. Oljud (noise), which literally can be picked from her artist name, is not only surprises that glimmer in her production, but conceptual building blocks that brings the story forward. This summer we all get to experience the story firsthand, and we can’t wait. So let’s all welcome Loljud to this years festival!