ida daugaard


Culture Box presents: Ida Daugaard

In her teenage years Ida fell in love with rock, synth pop and 90s hits, but when she attended her first rave in 2005 something happened. When entering the room of the rave, a love for electronic music and everything around it arose. This love grew in to a passion, a passion that made her decide that electronic music was something she wanted to make a living out of. In 2009 she moved to Copenhagen and bought herself Pioneer 800 Cd players and practice made perfect: Ida soon started recording live-sets in her living room and shared her mixtapes online. After a couple of weeks of mixing, residencies at clubs such as Culture Box, KB18, & Vega were instilled. Idas career took her around the world but she soon decided that Berlin was the place for her to settle, which she did in 2014. After having settled down she became a regular playing at clubs such as Ipse, Sisyphos, Golden Gate and Kater Blau. 

Ida Daugaard holds a love for the twisted dancefloor with a minimal, trippy, groovy timeless music selection and oldschool mixing skills. With a big smile behind the decks she spreads genuine happiness. Ida’s philosophy is to follow her intuition and feelings rather than trends. Each gig is prepared passionately with a great amount of effort being put in to the track selection and imagining the place that she is going to play at. The sets are all about harmony and telling a story: this makes us super excited about seeing what she will have in store for Malmö and Backyard Sessions. Let’s welcome Ida (almost) back home, after all there is only a bridge separating our two beautiful cities!