Tim andresen


Culture Box presents: Tim Andersen 

The story begins in 1986 when Tim Andresen first began DJing, ever since then the story has had a multitude of twists and turns and all of them seem to have one thing in common: that everything that Tim touches turns into musical gold. In the late 80s he started playing in his hometown, during the 90s and 00s he started promoting booming parties in warehouses and clubs and this was later on topped off with him releasing compilation CDs showcasing the music from his FLOW nights and creating a mix compilation for Ministry of Sound. 

Today, he has many strings on his bow: being the founder and owner of the label What Happens, co-owner of the UK-based label Savoir Faire Musique, co-owner of the Copenhagen based club Culture Box, which by many is regarded as Denmark's leading electronic music institution (who are co-hosts of Backyard Sessions Festival this year) but on top of this he is also an avid writer, sound engineer and producer of his own house and techno productions. Tim’s career and his music has taken him around the world, landed him awards such as the “Best DJ” award at Club Awards, and “Most Popular Nordic DJ” by Megamind. He has been perfecting his skills for a long time and this has resulted in his tracks being released on Labels such as Toolroom and him being personally asked to do a remix for Fatboy Slim, a track which made it to #1 on the UK Buzz Chart. 

Tim basically has a finger in every musical pie: he mixes, produces, releases, manages and arranges clubs and label activities. Few DJs can show a greater variety and enthusiasm than him, and even fewer can be accounted as having had such a great impact on their local club history. Tim says that it is his love for music that drives him and keeps his motivation going. So, let’s admire his set of skills and get inspired by his never-ending energy and drive and in return let’s show him all the love for electronic music that Malmö has to offer!