Sometimes, when two forces of nature collide: magic happens. And this is exactly what happened when Jonatan and Ludvig, two residents of Umeå met at the age of 16. The two of them quickly became friends and soon discovered that they had a interest in common, namely electronic music. This mutual interest, and a class in sound production resulted in them starting to produce music together. Today, twelve years later, Gidge has released their debut LP “Autumn Bells”, EP “For Seoul, short film “Lulin” and mini album “LNLNN”. 

Gidge are using the woods and the widths of the North as their main source of inspiration. Their music can be described as a mixture of electronic music and organic elements: using for example, stone percussions recorded in the forest in combination with melancholic vocal samples and fuzzy chord progressions. The duo seem to be able to touch the soul of their audience in a new, organic way. Their success has only begun and Gidge grabbing the top spots as Best New Artist at XL8R’s readers poll and sold out shows in Berlin, Amsterdam and London are witnessing about what is yet to come. They will bring a little bit of the northern woods to Malmö and for a moment, we will be able to experience the bliss of forces of nature colliding. The woods and our city. The organic and the electronic. This will be something truly magical!