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As one of Britain's biggest and most versatile names playing grime, U.K. garage, bassline house and R&B Danielle Gooding has taken the world by storm. Since her debut “Hold On” on Butterz in the year of 2013, places such as New York, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Lisbon, St Petersburg and Barcelona all have gotten a taste of Flava D. Her catalogue is ranging with tunes vocalized by Wiley, Kid Bookie, Ghetts, Maxsta, Merky Ace, Kozzie and Black The Ripper. Flava D likes to create music, constantly and does it with great enthusiasm, which probably has been the key to her success. In her Fabric 88 mix, she took it upon herself to produce 90% of the music and it was done with an excellent skill level and showed great dedication. In September, So&Such brings Flava D to Malmö and we will be able to unite, dance to and admire the technical skills of this versatile queen!