Frequently Asked Questions about backyard sessions 2019

Make sure to check the FAQ first before contacting us. E-mails containing questions of which the answers can be found on the website will therefore not be answered.


What is the minimum age to attend BYS 2017?

The minimum age is 18 years.
Kids under 18 years are welcome and get in for free as long as they are accompanied by their parents/caretakers who have purchased a festival ticket.


Check-in hours to the festival site

The entrance to the festival site will open at 13:00
The doors to the indoor festival at Moriskan will open at 21:00 for everybody with a bracelet.

You can leave the festival ground and come back as long as you wear the correct bracelet for the day.

People with broken bracelets will unfortunately not get in again.


Can I work at the Backyard Sessions as volunteer?

Sure, send an email to with your motivation and tell us what you would like to do.
We need people to help us building up and taking down the festival. (before and after)
We need artists to create magic … huge soap bubbles, acrobats, fire breathers, etc. (during)
We need people to build the coziest surrounding possible. (before)

We need you! (always)


How do I get to the festival ground in Folkets park?


Is my ticket personal?

If you received a physical ticket, then yes, it is unique and yours only. It's important to know that if you lose it, we will not be able to replace it. Upon arrival at the entrance, you will exchange your ticket for a bracelet.

If you purchased a ticket online, then you will be able to swap it with a friend if you so choose, as it can be scanned by the owner upon entry.

After you received your bracelet on the day itself, you can’t swap it anymore. The bracelets are personal and are secured, people without whole bracelets will be asked to leave the festival.


What is not allowed to bring inside?

No smoking!

No dogs. (as we have kids running around)
No chairs. (we’ll have enough furniture for you)
No selfie-sticks.(we don’t want to hurt each other)
No drinks. (free water available)
No food. (different food stands will be available)


What do we encourage you to bring along?

Your smile.
Your friends.
Your family.
Your parents.
Your kids.
Umbrella or pancho (this is Malmö after all)


Is the festival ground accessible for wheelchairs or buggies?

Absolutely but please allow our volunteers to check them in.


Types of tickets:

Full Festival Ticket:
Access to the festival in the Park on Saturday daytime (13:00 til 21:00)
Access to Moriskan night time (20:00 til 3:00)
Access to the festival in the Park on Sunday (13:00 til 20:00)

Saturday Day Ticket:
Access to the festival on Saturday daytime (13:00 til 21:00)

Saturday Night Ticket:
Access to Moriskan night time (20:00 til 3:00)

Sunday Day Ticket:
Access to the festival on Sunday (13:00 til 20:00)



When and how do i get my bracelet?

You receive your bracelet when entering the festival in return for your Billetto barcode confirmation or physical ticket.


Can I pay cash at the entrance when the festival isn’t sold out?

You can pay with a card, by swish or with cash.


Can I pay my food and drinks cash?

Yes you can but some food partners prefer swish or card.


What’s the running order of the artists?

We will announce all the artists and their play times on our social media channels and of course on the day itself. Check our Facebook sites and Instagram and don’t forget to use hashtags #backyardsessions  and #bys19