It began in Hässleholm… and continued at every house party and dance floor in Sweden. Familjen, or also Johan T Karlsson which is his real name, has made a true impact on the Swedish music scene mixing political lyrics over soaring electronic beats. 

Familjen has made everyone’s head spin ever since the 2007 explosion with “Det snurrar i min skalle”. In 2018 he released the deeper, angrier, more personal album “Kom” which reflects the contemporary Sweden in a smart and witty way which hits you like a punch in the face. As a live act he owns the stage together with the partners in crime Andreas Tilliander a techno and electronica producer and the drummer Per Nordmark. 

The history of music is filled with artists that have searched for new and different paths to take when they’ve gone from being genre-breaking artists to huge influencers for completely new styles of music. Some move abroad looking for inspiration, some re-invent themselves to fit their new style. Familjen however, does what he does best - continues to be nothing but himself. On tracks, on tv and on stage. Everything is unmasked, serious and genuine.