Eblo is a malmö based creative artist creating photo, video and electronic music. 

In his own words…

“Eblo all started with a dream, not one of the dreams you have when you are sleeping, but one of the dreams you have when you are awake. 

It started at an early age, I wanted to create things, I wanted to show people what I could make. It started when I was at my first school making small comic books for some of my friends. That interest became stronger and stronger as i grew up...I drew, I painted, I wrote short stories. But then upon leaving school I got what my teacher called a “real job”.

Five years ago I moved from London to Malmo and continued “making things” whilst having a “real job” . The wonderfully talented and diverse creative community of Malmö both inspired and pushed me to finally follow my dream. So I left my “real job” and focused more on creating. Eblo was born - I am now collaborating with local artists and small businesses creating photo and video under Eblo Visual and electronic music under EBlo Music.

The inspiration for my works comes from many things including neon laden eighties pop culture to the dreamy and dystopian dreamscapes built in movies such as Blade Runner and Tron."


Photo and Video: instagram.com/eblovisual

Music: instagram.com/eblomusic