Berlin-based, Bremen born Bebettas tech and tech house invites you to a vibrant world with captivating melodies and energizing drums. Her sets make you float away to a more colourful place, where the mundanities of everyday life are sprinkled with excitement, creativity, and colour. 

Bebetta has been doing her thing since the year of 2008, ever since she has managed to win awards for her impressive DJ sets around Berlin and Europe, host her Heimlich nights in the city of Bremen, released several tracks on Damm Records, LE Bien Et Le Mal Recordings, and Kallias to return to her home base of Monaberry. Bebettas productions house the same vibes as her DJ sets being focused on hooky melodies, driving drums and a sense of authenticity and emotional sensitivity that steer away from the norm. Bebetta brings family and friends together in her Be Betta in Bed sets where acts such as Super Flu and Ciocz have been invited to play Bed2Bed.

So, who would be betta’ at bringing our music-loving family of Malmö together at Backyard Sessions than Bebetta?